Friday, September 21, 2007

Fit pics

Fit pics

And of course, the obligatory crotch shot

Here's the belt pouch

Closeup of the stamp

And here's a closer picture of where the indigo has rubbed into the inside of the belt

That's all I've got for now. Still working on stretching these out at home. Should have more interesting stuffs to show after the weekend.

As far as pictures, what I think I'll do is to try take as many as I can of places I'll be at with the jeans. Sort of like a tourist thing. The jeans/I might not be in all the pictures since most probably I'll be the one taking them I guess that's the best way to do this World Tour thing, so we can show sights unique to each different places.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


And.. Tada!!

Some General Pictures

Front View

Back View

Here you can see what Cameland describes as his ass-sweat...:-)

And more detailed ones



And leather patch

Here you can see the tiny hole forming on the inside thigh. Still nothing to be worried about

And here's the front of the belt

The inside

I'll take more detailed pictures of it soon. It's pretty cool to see how the indigo has rubbed onto the leather

It says: By an alchemist.

The belt came in a white pouch. I'll post pics of that soon.

A list that Dominic (Cameland) started in the inside pocket. Do you guys want me to fill in the first 2 names?

Anyhow, these are the things that I will have with me most of the time, handphone, car keys and wallet. Actually most of the time I will carry the phone and car keys in hand.

I am looking for small notebook to put in the back left pocket, so that we could use it to put in any ticket stubs, celeb autographs etc. You guys are ok with that? Or should I get a bigger notebook, one that is not carried in the pocket but just sent along with the jeans?

Sorry if this post seems kinda clunky. I'm still figuring out the posting format of this blog...

Touchdown in Malaysia

All right. The box containing the jeans arrived from Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday (18th September 2007)