Monday, August 25, 2008

8-24-08 Sunday

here's a fit pic i took in the morning before i went to help out my aunt with her high school reunion BBQ party

the BBQ was cool, about 30 people were there and it was about 10 miles into the mountains east of Milpitas,

some pics of the surrounding hills:

the grill:

our friends

there's 4 garages there, this was what was inside these garages:

tbird. click for pic of interior (all original parts and leathers, except carpet)

click for pic of interior:


hard top


the funnest ride IMO, the dune buggy:

went out for a off road ride on it (in the flatheads, of couse):

ghost ride the whip

the hills we were mashing on:

that thing goes damn fast, pretty fun busting jumps on the hills, except i hit my head on one of the bars because i wasnt wearing my seatbelt hahaha

that concludes this weekends' flathead tour!
8-22-08 Friday

I dropped by my house during my lunch break yesterday and saw that the flatheads were dry from the wash, so i snapped some quick pics of how they're lookin after 11 wearers. definitely some interesting fading going on in the top block. also, did anyone use some sort of conditioner on the leather patch? its hella softer than the patches on my other jeans

the crotch also looks like its about to blow out

and heres the skull belt. was this belt originally tan?? its pretty dark now..

i wore them to lunch and for the rest of my work day. i went to the japantown in san jose to get some lunch at a little restaurant called Gombei.

a church in san jose japantown i passed on the way to the restaurant

Gombei, where i had lunch:

i ordered the broiled salmon and fried chicken
8-21-08 i picked up the flatheads from MRIP tonight, we met at a taqueria in San Jose.. i suggested it because i wanted him to try the tacos there because of his taco venture but when we were ordering i remembered he was vegetarian so he dint even get to try them :(

when i got home, i tried them on, and then threw them in a cold bath with Dr Bronners peppermint soap and gave them a good washing.

the water eventually turned brownish yellow. but now they smell pepperminty fresh.

07-20-2008 by MRIP


no vomit stains
been watching the wire since i woke up
going out tonight to the arcade
ill try and take some pics

shitty cam pics from last night
had some friends over, drank and played wii

supreme shirt
tight ass flat heads"
06-20-2008 by PG2G

"Here's a small fit pic, excuse the lighting

6-11-08 by PG2G

"Just took a quick pic of it

Belt color has changed significantly since it was new.

And holy crap these jeans are tight :P Its kinda funny though, I get the feeling that they've been too small for a bunch of you guys because I can see how the stitches on the outseam are showing."
06-07-2008 by PG2G

Pics as they showed up, notebook and belt not in the shots. Will get those later.

Fit pic... pretty damn tight in the thigh :P

Gonna put them in for a soak and then get things started tomorrow.