Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flathead BKK: Mall Trip

I took the jeans out to a mall nearby-normally not too interesting, but this one has basically been restructured into a big indoor market instead of a bunch of boring chain stores. It's not anywhere near as interesting as Siam Square or MBK, but it has it's charms:

The Upstairs-mostly old lady clothes, traditional garments, and teak furniture:

What does your average Bangkok kid beast over? Bootleg Ed Hardy merchandise, I guess.

In the basement: The food stalls. Dozens of kinds of pork!

And produce and whatnot:

And flowers for offering at the temples:

That's it for now-More pics later on.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh yeah...

I also got bored and attempted to make the following, but found that it was taking too long to polish up the animations and music. So I went with the pictures instead of postponing the Tour any further. But here for my fellow Flathead 3001 World Tourers and guests, enjoy this unfinished piece:

Introduction to the Flathead 3001 World Tour, Thailand Leg. (YouTube link)

Welcome to BKK

Well, it's been a little over 48 hours, so I might as well get this started!

In the mail:
So I took them out to check the progress.

Front Pic:
Rear Pic:
And some detail shots....

Patch is starting to wear in nicely... The thigh hole doesn't look any worse, either.

A closeup of the zipper-is 'Universal' one of those deadstock brands? And a good sense of how hairy the Flathead 3001 Denim is.

Some shots of the belt-darkened a lot, and picked up a fair amout of indigo on it, too. I gotta say, it's pretty damn nice.

Anyhow, that's it for this post. Cheers, Superfuture! This mediocre Thai beer is for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

And they're off to Bangkok

I can’t put post-soaking pictures of the jeans. It’s been raining the whole day and it wouldn’t do the jeans justice if I can’t get proper pictures of it. Not much indigo loss though. I'm sure Largo will put up the pictures soon.

Well, that’s my shift done and over with. The Flathead were very tight around the thighs to begin with – these were the marks left the first time I wore them out:

They’ve gradually stretched, I think by about an inch throughout the month. I guess I could’ve been ‘rougher’ with them and put more wear in, but I figured it’s better to treat it a sorta tourist and show the sights. I’m sure the guys after this will do a better job at trashing the jeans

Everything has been packed (18/10/2007)

By now, they should be on their way to Bangkok. Will gladly be part of another Sufu project after this. I’ll miss the Flathead but I’m glad I can go back to my Sorahiko

Hope I’ll make it to the project-end party in Self Edge next year…


17/10/2007: They are currently being soaked in warm water with a little bit of detergent

Evolution pics: Week 4 Malaysia Leg

Evolution pics - 1 day before they're off to Bangkok.

It's a bit cloudy today so the lighting in some of the pictures are awful. It's obvious that the colour of the jeans in those pictures are wrong but at least you can have a general idea what the wear is like

Tried taking pictures on the porch to see if it's better. Not really...

I've really put some combs in there because they've been so tight. If I had a few more weeks I think the contrast will be more pronounced

Most significant wear for me is here at the sides of the knee...

The wallet wear is not too bad considering it's only over a month...

This is from indoor football last week. My knee would normally be bloody after every game session

Friday, October 19, 2007

Petronas Twin Towers

This visit was done on 10/10/07. Took some time to sort out the pictures.

I wouldn’t be much of a tourist guide if the FH3K1 comes to KL and I don’t bring it up the Petronas Twin Towers…

Porter Rucksack x Supreme tee x Skull Jeans belt x FH3K1 x NB Purple Devil.
Hypebeast mode... ACTIVATE!

The skybride tour is very popular among the tourists. Tickets are free but limited. A few months ago I had to bring some Japanese colleagues up. I came to line up at 830 am and there was already a line of about 100+ people waiting for the ticket counter to open. Since I only needed 1 ticket this time around, managed to get the help of a friend to procure it.

Here’s the waiting gallery, with some display on the history and technology behind the Towers.

Lightning strike demonstration. Pretty darn cool. I wonder what was the voltage generated by the Van de Graaf generator...

Took a high-speed lift up and here’s the skybridge connecting the 2 towers

And here's the view. How the building itself...

And the park surrounding the towers...

The whole tour took about 15 minutes. So just imagine how many times in a day the poor tour guides have to go through their script.

Ramadan Food Bazaar Part 3

Here are some pictures especially dedicated to Cotton Duck – more pictures from various Ramadan food bazaars…

Not sure if there are any Malaysian restaurants over in Amsterdam but I know there are plenty of Thai and Indonesian ones. While not exactly the same, there are similarities…

Huge woks of various noodles

Side dishes to be eaten with rice

Fried items...

Desserts and cakes

A HUGE pot of Briyani rice

Sugarcane being freshly pressed to get the juice

Chunks of marinated beef... These are awesome...

More desserts but of the more traditional variety.