Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flat Heads Down Under - Cameland

The jeans got to me a little late it seems, when I got them there was like 0 creases and 0 fading basically. But upon further inspection I found that there was some serious crotch fade. Most likely from all the biking its been subjected to.

Heres my sufu post!

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Well this is just some random pictures I took yesterday, I was going to do a whole day in the life thing, so I took that bus stop picture, but totally forgot about it as the day went by. Later on I went to my old high school with my friends for a skate but then played some basketball instead. Sorry for the phone cam pics..

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The wallets you see are a KC's and an RM, initially I tried using the RM but it was just way too big for the FH pockets and it might not be good if I made a hole in the pocket either. So I've switched to this unstained KC's wallet. Its relatively new so it should be nice to see how it turns out in months time.

Thats all for now folks. See ya tomorrow.